D-Vibe Online Drug and Alcohol Survey


D-Vibe is a complete data collection, analysis and evaluation tool for drugs issues and education. Developed on effective research models and fully tested and developed with young people and professional users, it is available as a licence for use with schools or organisations wishing to know more about the drug related behaviours, knowledge and experiences of young people.

Using unique log ins, the survey includes questions to evaluate knowledge, skills, beliefs and experiences around drugs of all kinds. Once the planned lessons have been delivered, you can repeat the survey, adding a second pass to evaluate changes as a result of the learning. Year on year D-Vibe can support you to make your drug education the best it can be for all ages. Surveys are available for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and all information can be filtered by ethnicity, vulnerability, age, gender etc. All questions have a 'listen' button for assisting reading. Rounded up resilience scores, aggregating all 'ideal answers' for each group are shown for each group to provide a quick snapshot.

D-Vibe can be used by any school or organisation to collect data.

  • Can be completed anywhere with any computer with web access
  • Is anonymous
  • Ideal for schools, Clusters, multi-site Academies, EIPs youth clubs, drug services and many more
  • Data is analysed instantly and delivered as reports
  • Always up to the minute
  • Always accurate and high fidelity
  • Validated by University of Nottingham Research Specialists
  • Delivers 'fall back' localized services information, triggered by risk answers
  • Different surveys to match each age and stage
  • Includes planning and analysis tips to help you design your response to the data
  • Compliments the DrugAware Education Programmes for KS1/2 and KS3/4 (including vulnerable young people supplements)

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