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25 Apr 2018
E-Cigarettes, 'lifestyle' advertising leading behaviour, not safety.

The scramble to create 'lifestyle' advertising for their 'alternative' smoking products - ahead of evidence, is forming bogus impression that these products are safe, even for long term use.
17 Apr 2018
Policy advice on e-cigarettes / vaping
13 Apr 2018
Parliamentary Question Raised re Drugs Education

Question: Department for EducationPupils: Drugs HL6661
To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they have to protect pupils from new psychoactive substances which are not illegal but aim to mimic illegal substances.

Answered by: Lord Agnew of Oulton Answered on: 11 April 2018
The government changed the law in 2016 to make it illegal to supply a substance for its psychoactive effect. Schools have a statutory power to search for and confiscate prohibited items such as illegal drugs.
The Home Office published its 2017 Drug Strategy in July 2017. The attached report references effective drug education as being essential in supporting prevention and tackling the problem of drug misuse. In addition, drug education is part of the national curriculum for science at key stage 2 and key stage 3.
Through Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), schools can teach pupils about new psychoactive substances. The PSHE Association's non-statutory programme of study, which references drug education, is available at:

The government is considering further steps to improve PSHE. The Children and Social Work Act 2017 provides a power for the Secretary of State to make PSHE, or elements therein, mandatory in all schools, subject to careful consideration. Teaching about drugs will be considered as part of this process.

Original transcript at:
06 Oct 2017
jed and ted Review: Jed and Ted Explore Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Primary Drug Education Resource

We have been asking staff to feed back their experience of using the DrugAware resource in the classroom. We hear here from Jane Siveyer at Portland Primary.

"I have found the Drug Aware Scheme / Jed and Ted Explore to be the most comprehensive drug education resource I've used in over 20 years of teaching. The two characters Jed and Ted are very engaging and the children responded really positively to them. Staff found the lesson plans and support materials to be thorough and pitched just right for each year group from Foundation to Year 6. The end of unit evaluations allow the co-ordinator to give support and to feed forward any issues to the next class teacher at the end of the academic year. I recommend the Drug Aware scheme to anyone who is not already using it.

Visit to find out how to get the resource for your school
01 Oct 2017
A Review of the DrugAware Award by Reah Badwal from Fernwood School

What is the drug aware award? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like - it simply makes you drug aware. I know from first hand experience, that as you get older, drug related issues become MUCH more common, and sometimes you are left confused or worried, especially when these issues are involved with people you least expect. I never would have expected some of the Drug related issues I have seen to arise but, the Drug Aware Award makes sure you have a head start to help beat the challenges you may come across! It's not all talk though. We've seen positive changes in young people and their attitude to drugs. Almost 60% of Nottingham schools have already become drug aware so there is no reason to miss out and not get involved! There is no harm in learning a bit more about life. After all knowledge is power - not drugs!
31 Jul 2017
Ransom Road Site becomes the second Nottingham Academy site to become DrugAware

Following hot on the heals of the Greenwood Road Site, Ransom Road has also now credited as a DrugAware School. It is hoped that all the Nottingham Academy schools will be accredited by this time next year to continue their commitment to young peoples welfare and lifeskill education. Congratulations to Head of School Mr Kulaya, Deputy Head Nicky Quinton, who coordinated the work and Academy Principle Mr Ged Rae.
31 Jul 2017
Congratulations to Nottingham Free on becoming DrugAware!

Staff and students have worked very hard this year to achieve their first DrugAware accreditation. The school looked at its Policy and strengthened links with support agencies as well as using information gained from the pupils survey to shape the curriculum ensuring it was relevant to the students. Head of School, Jenny Brown was delighted to receive the award along with Severine Willken who coordinated the work in school.
25 Jul 2017
Westglade Primary and St Augustine's Catholic Primary Celebrate in school.

Two more schools celebrated this term following lots of dedicated work by staff and pupils. Westglade Primary and St Augustine's held their own celebrations in school as both were accredited for meeting all the DrugAware criteria. The Jed & Ted lessons had been particularly enjoyed at St Augustine's and we look forward to seeing the displays of work next term. Many congratulations to everyone involved at both schools..
25 Jul 2017
Belated Congratulations to Bluecoat Primary.

Back in May all the children of Bluecoat Primary gathered in the hall to celebrate achieving their DrugAware Award. The children heard about what the DrugAware Award was and what it meant to be accredited before children from each year group explained what they had done in their lessons.
At the end Karen Smith presented the school with their award, which is now proudly displayed in the entrance. Well done to all involved.
19 Jul 2017
St Anns Well Academy, Southwold and Berridge Primary join the DrugAware Family.

Another three City schools managed to achieve accreditation before finishing for the Summer. All the staff have worked really hard to ensure not only are the children kept safe in school but have fun lessons to inform and help them stay safe in the future. Many congratulations to you all!
19 Jul 2017
Hempshill Hall Assembly Celebrations.

As part of their assembly this morning, the children of Hempshill Hall Primary heard about their schools DrugAware Journey this term. From policies and gathering information to fun lessons in the classroom. Karen Smith from SOLAR presented the award to the children and tasked them with ensuring everything was still in place when she returns in three years time! Congratulations to all the staff and children - you are DrugAware!
07 Jul 2017
Congratulations to three DrugAware schools 2017!

It's accreditation season again, well done to staff and pupils at Bluecoat Primary, Buwell St Mary's C of E Primary and St Teresa's Catholic School who have all achieved the DrugAware Quality Mark this term.
07 Mar 2017
logo Introducing the Explore Family Consultation Service

Explore Family support whole families and individuals living within Nottingham City who are affected by somebody elseâ€s drug or alcohol use.

Are you currently working with a family affected by drugs and alcohol?

Would you like to discuss support options available for the family?

Would you like support and advice on ways in which you can support the family?

Contact Charmayne Heys on :
0115 9787161
24 Nov 2016
middleton-p Middleton Are DrugAware!

Congratulations to all the staff and pupils at Middleton Primary School who have achieved their DrugAware Award in time for Christmas. They celebrated this week with a presentation assembly. Shown here with the plaque are two long serving members of the RRSA Team, together with fellow team members who completed surveys with parents in the playground and some of the children who completed the Healthy Living/Staying Safe Poster Challenge. Well done Middleton!

Middleton become a DrugAware School for a second time. This means that they have been paying close attention to the quality of their drug education for over 3 years and have sustained the quality standard level to get the award again, which is amazing!
Well done and thanks to all the staff, children and parents for your continuing commitment to healthy choices and staying safe!
11 Nov 2016
Explore Family Parenting Course - starts January 2017

Explore Family are offering a parenting programme starting 12th January 2017 for anyone within a family that is effected by drugs or alcohol or who is currently in drug or alcohol treatment and have children aged between 4 and 10 who are living with them. Please print attached posters and display them within your place of work and forward to other people within your team.

The principles of this programme are built on Dr Webster-Strattonâ€s Incredible Years which has been used worldwide for a number of years.

If you identify any individuals who would benefit from this programme please request a referral form at Families will be assessed to look at all support options available to them.

Full details regarding the course including leaflets, posters and information packs available from explore
08 Sep 2016
Retailers 'flout' laws on selling e-cigarettes to children (Local Gov)

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) found nearly 40% of retailers illegally sold nicotine e-cigarettes and vaping liquids to children and young people since the practice was banned last year.

Read more
11 Aug 2016
Mentor-Adepis Free Drug Education Lesson Materials

These lessons for KS2 and 3 might be a useful addition to your bank of DrugAware Resources
11 Aug 2016

Six winners have been selected from four city schools and their designs have been turned into large, eye-catching posters to advertise family events over the coming days and weeks where smokers will be asked not to light up.

07 Aug 2016
St Mary's Hyson Green pupils love Jed and Ted - And they're DrugAware!!

A delighted Clare Hogkinson receives their well deserved DrugAware award from Karen Smith in front of headteacher Mrs Kelly and the whole school as part of their special end of year presentation assembly. All the children have enjoyed working on their Jed and Ted lessons which has been a new resource for many of the teachers. Well done to all the staff and pupils at St Mary's Hyson Green.
28 Jul 2016
Djanogly Strelley Academy Receive DrugAware Award

Congratulations to Djanogly Strelley Academy on receiving their DrugAware award. Ms Scrimshaw accepted the award on behalf of the school along with the six winners of their DrugAware poster competition. The pupils have enjoyed a focussed Drug Awareness week of activities which will now form part of the regular school calendar. Some children have also made their own news video which is currently available to view on the schools website.
21 Jul 2016
Nottingham Academy, Greenwood Dale Site first to Scoop DrugAware Award

Bethan Hopcraft, Strategy and Commissioning Officer for Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership was pleased to present Mrs Bigwood, Deputy Headteacher at Greenwood Road with their award following a round table presentation by year 8 pupils, Head of school Mr Tungate, Head of Year 11 Mrs Gresswell and Lead Principle, Mr Rae. Whilst the SLT have been vital in pushing through policy changes and creative curriculum solutions to achieve the award, it is the pupils who have led with projects on NPSâ€s (year 11), posters on common substances and promoting the in school drop-in service and even a forthcoming video (year8). The Greenwood Road site was the first of the Academy schools to gain the award, however there are now plans for the others to quickly follow suit next term, supported of course by the Greenwood pupils.
21 Jul 2016
Well done St Stephens!

The whole school gathered at the end of the day to enjoy a showcase of the childrenâ€s work from every year group. There were excellent songs, raps, a display of posters, drama and well researched drug facts. In addition to the presentation of their well earned DrugAware award, prises were given for a positive drug message poster competition, with the entries creating a display in the school.
21 Jul 2016
Congratulations to Brocklewood!

Mrs Lawton and the children are seen here celebrating achieving their DrugAware award following an Assembly earlier this week.
20 Jul 2016
DrugAware - Glade Hill Show us How it's Done!!

Headteacher, Ms Sheppard and children from Yr 6 to Yr1 accepted their award following a packed celebration assembly, with songs, acrostics, poems and drama illustrating the work children have been doing for DrugAware.

A special big thank you to Mrs Rowe for all her hard work and best wishes for her own special event due in the next few weeks!

Congratulations Glade Hill.
20 Jun 2016
robinhood Robin Hood - Latest to become a DrugAware School

Karen Smith was proud to award Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School with the DrugAware Award Plaque yesterday. The upper school were amazing, collecting information through the DataVibe survey, to make their drug education programme perfect for their needs and showing their success with a follow up survey. During the whole school assembly the younger children told the assembled school about the work they have been doing for their drug education with the resource widely nicknamed 'Jed and Ted'before accepting the award on bhalf of the school, staff and families.
20 Jun 2016
claremont-award-2016 Claremont Scoop the DrugAware Award

In a special celebration event last week the staff, parents and pupils of Claremont Primary and Nursery School came together to receive their DrugAware Award Plaque and pledge their continued commitment to quality drug education and policy. To get the award they implemented a whole school drug education programme, an accredited drug policy, services to support children affected by substances and involved the whole school in becoming more DrugAware. They showed clear improvements in their teaching and learning for drug education from data collected before and after lessons.
Excellent work and special thanks to Caroline Smith (DrugAware Coordinator), Judith Smith (DSL and Andrew Gallagher, the Head Teacher for their commitment and achievements.