Getting DrugAware in your area

Implement the DrugAware School Award Programme in your area

The DrugAware Award School Programme (Primary and Secondary) offers a complete and proven effective response for tackling drug and alcohol issues in schools. We are now able to offer the complete DrugAware Programme for you to run your area, providing everything you need to set up and run the DrugAware Award Programmme. Cost effective, easy to integrate and roll out, all inclusive, managed by you.

This innovative approach provides everything you need to create a robust infrastructure in schools to implement effective early intervention practice in relation to substances of all kinds. It brings together 5 key dimensions to represent a truly whole-school community approach with staff, pupil and parent/community involvement. Developed as one of the most successful projects within Nottingham's Early Intervention Team, it has been delivering exceptional standards with Nottingham City Schools for over 4 years and the materials and training have been throughly tested, with mainstream and vulnerable groups of young people in secondary phase schools and learning centre settings.

"The implementation of DrugAware in Nottingham City has seen remarkable, measurable results around young people's health behaviours; incredibly low re-entry into treatment after early intervention programmes and a change to a really proactive approach to early intervention around substances. It has galvanised partnerships within our city, providing a framework to work together to ensure a robust, evidence based, consistent standard of delivery around substances for young people, whether you are a commissioner, teacher, an external provider, a head teacher, a governor or a young people's service"

Nottingham DrugAware Programme and Approach are key programmes from the Nottingham Early Intervention Team, Nottingham City Council. In our role as an Early Intervention City, we are committed to sharing our learning and successes with colleagues in other areas. We are currently working with a range of partners to extend the success of the DrugAware Programme to other areas. We can provide the whole programme, resources and consultancy to improve the way schools tackle drug and alcohol issues in your area, using the DrugAware Approach to provide a highly cost effective way of addressing If you are interested to commission the DrugAware Programme for the schools in your area the please feel free to get in touch with us.

What Teachers say...

"DrugAware really helped us sort our approach to drugs, we can be confident in our prospectus that we are doing our very best to make our school safe and effective around this issue"

"Incredible value, costs less than 1.50 per pupil and covers the whole school - plus it's a one off fee"

"The support was well thought out, appropriate and professional"

"Excellent planning tools and modular drug education resources enabled us to fit the drug education programme easily into our existing frameworks"

"I found the D-Vibe survey, combined with the resources saved us time and focused our learning - our practice was used as part of our ofsted evidence"

"we can now measure the effectiveness of drug education with clear evidence of pupil progress when we did the follow up survey - it's now part of our regular planning and review cycle"

"As PSHE head it was a clear simple process to fulfil my responsibilities and to ensure our safeguarding and classroom practice is effective"

"We now have a robust and effective system for dealing with incidents and concerns around drugs. We are clear and the students are clear. Early intervention means we are seeing a reduction in drug related exclusions"

You can download an overview of the resources contained with the programme and options for implementation here