The DrugAware Programme recognises the importance of a family and community approach to address drug and alcohol misuse. In order to do this we offer parents session materials to schools and communities, helping them work together, bringing them closer to meet the needs of young people. Whether you are a parent, carer, governor or school parent support worker you can join in with the DrugAware process. Schools will need parent's help to develop their drug policies and make sure that drug education meets the needs and experiences of your children. If DrugAware is available in your area, you might even want to ask your children's school to join the DrugAware Programme if they are not already involved

Be a DrugAware Parent

Many schools have run successful DrugAware Parents session to support families to understand how drug and alcohol issues affect young people and how to talk to young people about the issues, helping them to navigate the challenges and choices they may face. Why not ask your school to run a parents session at the school.

Secondary schools can apply for a workshop, run by the Alcohol Education Trust, to be run at the school or your local community centre. To find out more or to book a session contact Sandra Saint at AET.

If you want to run your own session, maybe involving the school family liaison worker, they can download the DrugAware activity pack "Parents Working Together" and hold a drug awareness session in your school.

Support for Families Affected by Drug or Alcohol use

If you, or a family member needs support for adults around Drugs and Alcohol Nottingham, like many areas, has a range of local services, offering help and support. Support is also available for your child if they need support because of substance use, their own or a family member. You can read more about how DrugAware Schools support young people in our support page.

Alcohol Education Trust and DrugAware Partnership

DrugAware and the AET have got together to share what they do and to ensure that all parents of teenagers in DrugAware secondary schools have access to free parent/carer and family training and awareness sessions around alcohol and young people. To find out more or to book a session contact Sandra Saint at AET.

We are also feeding their parent support website direct into this page, so parents and families can keep themselves up to date and informed about alcohol and their child with a range of materials and activities to explore.

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